GLOBUS cloud

GLOBUS cloud is a global statistical analysis and database of winds and waves based on weather forecasts by the Japan Meteorological Agency, and its form of frequency tables are available on the web.


The sea areas are divided into areas of 2.5 degrees in latitude and longitude, and the tables for every sea area can be used, and the period classification includes annual, seasonal, and monthly wave data. Frequency tables includes 12 types*.

A simplified version with intervals of 10 degrees in latitude and longitude is also available. 。

※Types of expression frequency tables available

  • wave height-wave period
  • wave height-wave direction
  • wave period-wave direction
  • wave height-wind speed
  • wave height-wind direction
  • wave period-wind speed
  • wave period-wind direction
  • wave direction-wind speed
  • wave direction-wind direction
  • wind speed-wind direction
  • wave height-wave period-wave direction
  • wave height-wind speed-wave period





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