What is NMRI Cloud?

NMRI Cloud is the cloud service of the National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI) of the National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology. It provides users with advanced, user-friendly and highly expandable cloud technology-based solutions as a platform for accelerating open innovation in the maritime and oceanographic fields.

NMRI has developed and provided many programs and databases to invigorate and develop the maritime industry. Up to now, these programs and databases have been provided to users in physical form, such as CDs and booklets. From now on, NMRI Cloud will be available as a platform to provide users with programs and databases. NMRI Cloud enables us to provide the provision of highly responsive and interactive support, streamlining of the methods used to provide the latest programs, improvement of the user experience (UX), and improvement of the user-friendliness and expandability of NMRI tools by linkage among web applications.

NMRI intends to further improve its research services for users. New services that contribute to invigoration of the maritime industry will be added continuously to the cloud service. We appreciate your interest in and continued use of NMRI services.